ENDORSEMENT EVENING, September 8, 2011 7-9PM


1. Policy Leadership
Within the context of the office you seek, what are the critical issues for women, children and families, and what specific policies and programs do you propose to address these issues?

2. Family Violence 
Family Violence, which includes child abuse, domestic viotims and elder abuse, is more pervasive than gang violence or street violence in San Francisco. Unfortunately each year the major funding source for family violence prevention, the SF General Fund, is threatened with budget cuts. What strategies can be employed to address family ciolence in San Francisco, and to create and sustain stable revenue sources?

3. Human Trafficking
San Francisco is a hub and destination for human trafficking nationally and internationally. Given the gap between the size of the problem and the resoursces devoted to the problem what programs and funding avenues will you ursue to address the issue? Please be specific. 

4. Hiring and Representation
What two strategies can you identify and employ to address the underrepresentation of particular demographic groups, such as the LBGT, women, minorities, disabled and seniors on Commission, Committees and in City Hall Jobs.

5. Women in Jail  
Given the rise in the rate of incarceration of women, since 1977, there are multiple complexities and challenges that sheriffs face. What are the significant needs of women in SF County Jails, and what resources will you employ to address these needs? 


Welcome- Jane Bernard Powers 

Facilitation-Renee Golanty-Koel

Candidates in Order of Presentation 

  • Mayoral 7:00-8:00
    Lee, Yee, Chiu, Alioto-Pier, Ting, Herrera, Dufty, Currier, Baum, Avalos, Ascarrunz, Adachi
  • District Attorney 8:00-8:30
    Bock, Gascon, Onek
  • Sheriff
    Cunnie, Mirkarimi, Miyamoto

Questions/Comments 8:45-9:05

Closing/Thank You- 9:10

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