The stated  mission of the SFDWIA is to serve, promote, advance and protect the interests of women, children, and families (youth, foster children, related minors, dependent adults and seniors), working at the local and state level in California.

The  SFDWIA Democratic Club Supports a Candidate Endorsement Process for General Elections .  Candidates (offices)  and propositions that are germane  to the club's general mission will be considered.

The endorsement process will consist of the following: 

  1. The identification of a committee and committee chair who will facilitate the endorsement process for the upcoming election.  
  2. The committee will  identify and maintain a list of  offices, candidates and propositions and will  establish a calendar for  endorsement events and deadlines.. The committee will report to the Board  on endorsement progress and findings at Board meetings leading up to the election.
  3. An invitation to engage in the endorsement process will be made available to candidates and will be posted on the website. 
  4. Candidates who accept the invitation will be asked to respond to questions/issues that are important to the status and welfare of women, children and families.
  5. The questions (developed by the committee and approved by the board) will  be posted on the website and made available to candidates through email.
  6. An endorsement period (evening or day) will be identified and candidates will be invited and  encouraged to  participate. All candidates seeking club endorsement will address one or more of the questions that the  committee has developed.
  7. All members of the club  who have  paid their dues (are in good standing)  will be invited and encouraged to attend and vote. 
  8. The list of endorsements will be,  published by the committee, sent to candidates and the membership, and otherwise distributed.
  9. Members will be encouraged to support endorsed candidates in a variety of ways, including donating time. 

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